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TPG Mobile Review

TPG Mobile Review - TPG Current Mobile Plan

This TPG Mobile Review will be pretty short and sweet. Mid 2013, TPG Mobile decided to change their mobile plans. Where we once had a choice of multiple plans, we now have one. As a current TPG customer, I am very disappointed. Let me tell you the biggest reason why.

Yes, the current TPG Mobile plan is still excellent value, but losing their options really disadvantages some of their customers. Personally, the previous TPG Mobile Plans offered a fantastic plan of $1 per month pay as you use. Whilst my case is a little unusual, for someone like me, losing the $1 option really bites. See, I travel overseas each year, sometimes for more than a month at a time. Having the option with TPG to be able to keep my Australian number whilst travelling for only a dollar a month, was the biggest bonus ever. That is my biggest beef with the changes they made.

Here is my second one.

The current plan that TPG Mobile offers loses quite a bit of value off the previous plan in the same pricing range. Here is what you get now, and in red is what was previously available:

TPG Mobile Review: Plenty Plan $19.99 Per Month

  • Monthly Charge $19.99 Was $17.99
  • Included Value $500 Per Month Was $550
  • Flagfall for Standard Australian Call 40¢
  • Calls to Standard Australian Numbers 99¢ per minute
  • Calls to 13/1300 Numbers $1.02 per minute
  • Calls to 1800 Numbers $1.24 per minute
  • SMS to Standard Australian Mobiles 25.3¢ per message (max 160 characters)
  • MMS to Standard Australian Mobiles 50¢ (per message)
  • Included Mobile Data 1GB Was 1.5GB
  • Excess Data Rate 25¢ per MB (min 10KB session)
  • Calls to TPG Mobile & Home Phone Unlimited
  • Calls to TPG Support (13 14 23) Unlimited
  • Voice Mail Deposit Unlimited
  • Voice Mail Retrieval 99¢ per minute plus 40¢ flagfall

So, the new plan costs $2 more per month, has $50 less call value and 500MB less data. Whilst that isn’t a lot, it is still a substantial difference.

Another change that they have made to the ballpark is that accounts need to be kept $20 extra in credit each month to cover any extra charges. In the words of TPG: “You must make a prepayment for usage that is not within the included value  for the plan that you have acquired. You may nominate how much you wish to prepay but the minimum prepayment is $20 ($500 for international roaming)”. Hmmm.

TPG Mobile Review Final Thoughts

There are some plus sides still. TPG Mobile still offer a month to month contract. Outside of that, there are plenty of better options available for mobile phone plans in Australia.


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